So if there were such a thing as God,

then why does God let bad things happen to good people?

There was this preacher that went to go get their haircut at a local barber shop. The shop owner always had something bad to say about church, preaching, or God. All the time he would hound the preacher with every visit.
This one day the shop owner did not disappoint he began drilling the preacher saying,
“Why do you continually preach about something that doesn’t exist?
Why do you waste your time? Because there is no such thing as God! He doesn’t exist.
Because if He did then bad things wouldn’t happen to good people.”
The preacher said nothing.
When the hair cut was done he got up paid the shop owner and left.
Said absolutely nothing even when the shop owner asked if he anything he wanted to say in response.
The preacher walked towards the door saying thank you as he left.
A few weeks passed and the preacher needed a haircut again, and so he went back to the barber, and once again the barber began complaining once again.
He kept on and on, and said once again, why does God let bad things happen to good people?
The preacher gave no response. When it was over, the preacher got up, thanked the barber and left.
This went on for several weeks.
The following month came, the preacher needed a haircut – and went back to the barber to get himself cleaned up.
Once again, it the same as before. The barber kept on and on, and asked once again, why does God let bad things happen to good people.
The preacher again said nothing, paidthe barber, thanked him and left.
As the preacher walked down the sidewalk leaving the barbershop, he came across a homeless man.
Staring at the man the preacher reached down and helped lift the man to his feet.
He escorted the long haired dirty homeless man back to the barber shop, walked straight  in and sat the homeless man in the barber chair.
Looking puzzled the shop owner asked what’s this? The preacher replied,
“There’s no such thing as barbers!”
The shop owner replied,
“Now wait a minute. How can you say that? I just got thru cutting your hair!”
The preacher replied saying,
“Then tell me, how come this man looks a mess? How is it that he sits right down the sidewalk each and every day and yet his hair is long scraggly and even dirty?
How come his hair looks like that?”
The barber looked puzzled replied,
“That’s because he never came to see me.”