FaithQuake Ministries is a non-denominational Christ centered online ministry dedicated to touching lives by equipping and creating a positive atmosphere for spiritual growth and encouragement in Christ.

FaithQuake is an offering of God’s love on this earth.

Through the teaching power of the Holy Spirit, we deliver Christian direction through Television     , Online Magazines, Social Media Networks, and other Audio/Video Networking Platforms.

With our scripture-based teaching and powerful method of delivery, we desire to reach and touch lives for the Kingdom of God.

The goal of FaithQuake Ministries is to equip the local church, one believer at a time, and to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel message. We do this by delivering Biblical teaching in a form that people from every walk of life can understand.

We recognize that God has given us this teaching ministry to reach people in all walks of life, who, like us, are searching for a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

Our platform allows us to share our love for the Word, and to make spiritual growth available to ALL who join us.

FaithQuake Ministry is a movement of God’s people, who want to share the love and life of Christ with everyone and who come together to manifest His Kingdom in the world.

We as a people have become a generation that has been broken and we recognize that we all need to be fixed! We understand the struggles of sin and the disease that has impacted the heart. We understand the strategies of satan. 

With our primary focus on teaching Biblical principles and Biblical principles alone, we have come to believe “little will be lost” if we only teach Biblical truths as they relate to God’s Word.

FaithQuake Ministries (Faithquake.org) is a nonprofit ministry website that offers spiritual growth and encouragement to anyone who visits. We aim to deliver purposeful insight and transparency to our visitors through easy access to information, multimedia, and other media outlets. FaithQuake is committed to delivering positive guidance through our host and online teachers. We are pursuing the reality of the Kingdom of God.


Dr. John Roberts is well-known for his honesty and forthrightness. When it comes to preaching God’s Word or speaking into the lives of people, he pulls no punches. God granted him with the opportunity to pursue multiple degrees in theology and original languages, and as a theologian, his goal has always been to help others see God in a way they’ve never seen Him before. With his wife Sandra at his side, John always prioritizes family. He has a passion to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.