The Psalms or the book of PsalmsĀ is not one big book, but five.

They are prophetic, full of analogy, historical, insightful, and breathtaking in the presentation it offers us.
Although in our bibles we have them in a numerical order, yet what we must fully grasp and come to terms with is that the Psalms was not written in such a numbered state or structure. The way they are presented to us are not in the order as they were written. God laid it on my heart to research this out, and discover just how they would be presented if laid them out as if they were chronologically done so.

What is a blessing it is for us to discover the Psalms as they came to be, and to accomplish this we must read them chronologically.

This is a study designed to aide us on the journey of a lifetime, and if we will open our minds and trust in His Spirit to guide us we will embark on a journey together that will be full of grand truth, and we will travel down roads of insight and powerful strength. When we look to the Jewish society and Hebraic historical organizations, we discover how compelling the study of understanding Psalms is so very necessary.

If we first turn our attention to the chronological viewpoint and order, then we find how amazing the five books known as Psalms truly are.

So let’s turn the page and start our quest for learning more about the Books of Psalms, and we may even discover Christ while doing so.


Dr. John Roberts THD